ssd only showing half capacity

SSD Only showing half capacity on Windows

An SSD showing half capacity can be a result on a few different issues. Though it is likely due to issues with your disk partitions. We will go through step by step on how to resolve what’s going on with your computer.

Disk Manager

Open up your disk management. You can do so by searching Windows. It should look something like this.

After you’ve opened up Disk manager. Your partitions should look something like this. It’s normal for small portions of your drive to me taken up by the EFI System and the Recovery Partition. However, if you have a large unallocated partition. This could be the reason why you’re not seeing the capacity your should be seeing.

If you have a drive with unallocated disk space. It may look like this.

In this case. You’ll have to go through a process to merge that disk space with the rest of your partition. You can do that by following these steps.


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